The purpose of this site is to share with you my collection of polished eggs made of minerals and stone, of wood and my decorative eggs, as well as very beautiful eggs owned by a friend and fellow egg collector. I currently have in my collection more than 1,200 eggs made of material coming from more than 75 countries.

The collection of mineral and stone eggs is classified by alphabetical order and numerical order. Under ‘Grouping’, you can see a page on eggs from Mont St-Hilaire, a page on fluorescent and tenebrescent eggs and a page on eggs made of fossil material. When looking at the larger size picture of the egg, if available or applicable, you will also see pictures of the egg from other angles, close-ups, the material before it was made into an egg, the egg in fluorescence or tenebrescence, the egg under backlight, etc..

All the missing numbers represent eggs that are no longer in my collection (sold or exchanged) or specimens that are not eggs.

In this site, clicking on a small picture gives you a larger one, and clicking on the large picture brings you back. Since January 2016 a new browser has been added, so that when you click on a thumbnail you will see not only this picture in a larger format, but also all the pictures relating to this egg. It is because of the judicious advice from 2 of my friends that I was able to completely rewrite this new site: Claude Pélisson from France, programmer and egg collector and Pierre Desmarais programmer from Montréal, Québec.

A few eggs are also available for purchase or exchange...

Thank you and enjoy your visit

Robert Gariépy
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